Customer Service

Customer Service Commitment

The TOPS ‘WHAT-CAN-WE-DO-FOR-YOU’ attitude toward customer service has proven successful as it projects a positive, professional image to your constituents while it strengthens our relationship as liaison between the Board and the customer. In preventing identity theft, we have implemented the uVision Utility Billing Software Update by Ad Valorem Records (AVR, Inc.). We have also added measures and rules regarding unauthorized employee access to maintain our customer’s privacy.

Response Time

Quick response time to your District’s needs is of great importance to each of us at TOPS. We realize the value of response time at critical moments—when water service is lost, or when the sewer is backed up and potential public health concerns are looming. We realize the value of response time at critical moments, such as the loss of water service, or when a sewer back up occurs and potential health concerns are looming.

During Hurricane Ike, we chose to staff each of our water supply facilities and maintained water service without interruption to all our residential consumers during this emergency event. This also called for continuous generator operations and fuel deliveries.